My Experience at Bishop’s

About 3.5 years ago, I was competing in Master’s track and field and I did a google  search looking for Master’s T&F and I bumped into the Master’s boxing website.  Competing in track and field was fun but there was a lot of standing around at meets.  When I saw Master’s boxing, I dared to wonder what that might be like.  During the drive to my gym in Brockton, I always drove by a sign for Bishop’s Boxing and Conditioning.  One day after I worked out at other gym, I stopped by and as luck would have it, Eddie Bishop was standing inside the door.  I introduced myself and told him that I was interested in learning how to box and in a matter of minutes,  Eddie was wrapping my hands and getting me ready for my first lesson.  Three and a ½ years later, here’s what I would like  to share about my experience at Bishop’s with Eddie and all of the boxers and people that make Bishop’s what it is.

Boxing has many levels.   You can enter it at several levels, totally safe, comfortable as well as if you want to get involved in a higher level you can spar and/or compete.  But for many people they won’t make that decision until they have sampled boxing at the beginning and intermediate levels.

At Bishops, the people make the gym and the personality, consideration, sensitivity and professionalism of the gym from the top down.   It starts with Eddie.  A consummate coach, trainer and guide, Eddie takes all of what he does on a personal  level and on a group level,  very seriously.  If I was to describe Eddie,  I was say he is a giver,  has a big heart, understands and coaches boxing at all levels exceptionally,  is sensitive,  caring and as a business person, when you walk in that gym if you are going to have a lesson with Eddie, for the next hour everything in Eddie’s world is about you.  He is totally dialed in and focused and able to coach and teach you at the level you are at with success being that at the end of the hour, you have elevated your boxing ability to a new level.  The same is true of all of the coaches and trainers at Bishop’s, of which there are many with many different specialties.  Even better than that, the other students, competitors,  boxers, kick boxers, jujitsu competitors and students all give to each other and care about each other.  As a 70 year old boxer looking to compete, you can imagine that it’s very important that I don’t  get put in the ring with the wrong type of person especially if they are young, hungry and skilled.  At Bishop’s they didn’t put me in the ring at any time with the person that I described because the respect and consideration at the gym of all of the competitors and students is expected to be one of responsibility where everyone  brings themselves to a level of competition  that is fair and could be described as working with each other as opposed to bullying each other.

At Bishop’s you can find comfort, convenience, cleanliness, consummate coaching and classes.  You can get individual practice lessons or join in class lessons with all types of levels in boxing, kick boxing, jujitsu, conditioning and training.

In a word, when asked to describe my experience at Bishops I would say that on a  personal level, I ‘ve been able to compete and win at world and national championship level.  That never would have happened without my experience with Eddie Bishop and Jason Loud and many others at Bishop’s.  I have seen all ages, shapes, sizes,  and genders from other competitors my age down through tiny tots.  The women who compete and/or get involved at Bishop’s are extremely impressive, some skilled at very high levels but all of them always willing to work with the less skilled to help them improve their abilities.

Bishop’s is safe.  People there are considerate, sensitive, are givers not takers and they believe that the overall ethics of a gym should be about reinforcement as opposed to enforcement.  It’s a privilege to be able to say publicly, thank you to Bishop’s and all of the people I have met there an most especially to my coach, Eddie Bishop and my sparring partner, mentor and good friend, Jason Loud.

Warmest regards,